A pack of 10 hip bags, for an ocean friendly price! These hip bags are the regular click buckle hip bags for scuba diving and clean ups. They are made of upcycled materials, like all our products. So, they might have a scratch or a scar from a previous life, but fully functional!

The price is 226,53 euro without 21% NL tax. With NL Tax the price is 274,10. All worldwide resellers get this 10 pack for 226,53 euro and no VAT tax. If you are a reseller in the EU and if you have a EU VAT nr, then you also have a tax exempt. The VAT tax is recalculated on the check out page, once you have stated your shipping country, and for EU VAT exempt fill out your EU VAT nr.

For USA, CAN, MEX, the bags are shipped from Idaho. For Europe and EU, the bags are shipped from Amsterdam. For Indonesia, Asia, Australia, the bags are shipped from Bali. Please select your destination first.

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2-4x 10 pack: 218,26 per pack
4-10x 10 pack: 214,13 per pack

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This is a pack of 10 trshbg hip bags, in a mix of colors. Buy in bulk and get a really good deal! The price is including 21% TAX when not logged in, but if you are a reseller in the USA, Canada, Mexico, anywhere worldwide or if you have an EU VAT number as an EU reseller, you will get this deal without 21% tax. When you have stated your shipping country in the checkout, the price will automatically adjust. The 10 bags are packed in upcycled rice bags, with a handle and stitched with organic wire. Once you have purchased a 10-pack, you will get access to our drive of point of sale content and instructions.

Attention: Please be ware, shipping to USA, EU and Indonesia are free from IMPORT tax, because we ship locally. Shipping to other destinations might involve import tax to be paid by the receiver and depends on the country of destination. This is out of our hands.



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