Our new Big beach bag is for clean ups on land, with a whopping 40 liters size. That is enough for 20 kg/50 pounds of trash.

Wear it on your shoulder or across your body. Keep your hands free so you can work with two hands and cover a larger distance or rough terrain easier. Also made of upcycled banners.

Now available in Indonesia! Select destination: Rest of the world.

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A huge bag for clean ups on land. Made of upcycled banners, for up to 40 liters of trash. Max weight 20 kg/50 pounds.

Wear it on your shoulder or across your body
Keep your hands free, so you can work with two hands
For better mobility, to cover a larger distance
The Wave safe funnel is still there, scaled up to 22 cm (almost 1 foot), for larger objects and you won’t lose any
The bottom is mesh, making sand and water to fall off
Also possible for in water use
Top is velcro over the full length, so you can open it to empty or for very big items
Also useful as a market bag 🙂
Comes in random colors and patterns


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Weight 0,7 kg

Rest of the world (incl. Indonesia), Europe, US/CAN/Mex