Minimalistic hipbag without straps for on your own 50 mm weight belt. Perfect for freedivers and scubadivers who use weight belts. (No belt included, use your own)

  • No multiple belts on your waist, use your own weight belt (50 mm width)
  • Release the bag in case of emergency by dropping your weight belt
  • More freedom of movement for your leg
  • The bag will stay nicely in position when kicking
  • 90% of the weight of the bag is made from upcycled materials like rafting boats and scooter tubes (some stains are visible)
  • Expands up to 3.8 liter, streamlined when empty
  • Also has our fantastic patented Wave safe funnel to keep trash inside the bag. This product ships without weight belt, you need to use your own belt.


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1. Put the bag on your weight belt (50mm), with a weight in between the two openings
2. Wear the weight belt around your waist, as you normally do
3. Open the bag either by rolling the lid from front to back, or use both hands
4. Put trash through the sleeve
5. In case of emergency: release weight belt
6. Once on shore, empty the contents of the bag through the zipper, dispose trash properly
7. Rinse the bag with fresh water and lube the zipper, leave to dry

Our bags are made of upcycled materials. This gives them a “stone washed” and worn look.

This product does not come with a weight belt, you can use your own belt.


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